Carolina Morais Fonseca began her performative career with Chinese Acrobatics and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition when she was five years old.

Completing later her B.A. in Ceramics and Fine Arts, she studied Dance, Theatre, Singing, Violin and Martial Arts in Portugal, Belgium, Central Asia, Far Middle East and the United States of America (with the New York City Ballet and Alvin Ailey American Dance Company). She learned Gypsy Dance and developed this specific formation as a dancer by traveling and learning with families and Gypsies Casts in India, Rajasthan, and also in different countries and regions such as Romania, Transylvania, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, France, Belgium and Maghreb.

She studied Japanese No Theatre with the master Masato Matsuura in Paris, Butoh in Yokohama, Japan and Kathakali& Indian Classical Dance Kathak in Varanasi, India.

Fully dedicated to the Danza Duende Project, Carolina is part of its core as an artist, teacher, dancer and choreographer.
In 2014 she completed this Danza Duende training, fulfilling the 6 levels.

Since 2012 she continues her training in Western Classical Dance and Martial Arts (Kung-Fu and Chi-Kung) and in the study of the Choresophy Technique with Yumma Mudra and Abdeslam Michel Raji. Carolina studies Vajrayana Buddhism in the of Nyingma Dudjom Tersar Lineage in Catalonia with Djampa Lama Gyatso and in New York under the direction of HH Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche, with whom she took refuge in 2009.

Carolina Morais Fonseca is one of the performers and dancers that created the Zambra dance company in 2005, which is based on influences from the Far and Middle East and Central Asia, contemporizing secular traditions to a Western and Fusion Art expressions. Highlighted in her career: Les Fourberies de Scapin (2006) at the Théâtre des Martyrs in Brussels, Belgium, La Dance de Luth, Brussels, Madrid and Portugal. Besides other works for television she starred dancing with the dancer and choreographer Joaquin Cortez  in Notche of Gazal for Spanish Televisión in the Grand Auditorium of Santiago de Compostela with Galia Benali. She also danced with Fanfare Ciocarlia, Taraf de Haidouks and Mahalla Rai Banda in international festivals and with Roby Lacatos in the Grand Auditorium of the CCB in Lisbon and subsequently in Switzerland in 2014. She was invited as soloist dancer for the New York Gypsy Fest in 2010. She worked as a dancer in Istanbul invited by musicians and composers Mirkealam and Teoman (Turkey). Carolina made her debut as a choreographer and producer in 2009 with Ecstasy, followed in 2010 by A Poet in New York, a solo show coproduced with Theatrelab in New York (USA) under a scholarship from Inovart, DGARTES (Portugal). In 2012 she presented, produced and choreographed Lorca Duende, another collaboration with Theaterlab in New York. Alma was a project developed in 2012-2013, developed and choreographically structured and adapted to different cultures, artistic and literary views of different regions and worldviews, in constant collaboration with resident artists such as musicians, actors and poets – always in recreation and development. This creation was transformed and adapted in different places around the world, particularly in Macau (China) and Mumbai (India). In 2014 she produced, choreographed and starred in Alma enLa Ciudad del Desejo in Mexico country , a creation which also featured the interpretation of the dancers Ana Rodriguez Ilvi Zendejas, Heliane Lopez and Roberto Mosqueda. This show was presented in Leon, Guanajuato and Morelia and gave rise to Carolina’s most recently created dance company, Minerva Ethnical Ballet (Mexico). In 2014 she created, choreographed and performed Glimpse – The Art of Dying, a solo in Theaterlab in New York (USA), with the collaboration of the musician and composer Hamidreza Maleki (Iran) video and images by Pedro Maia (Portugal). In 2015/2016 Carolina created a new project presented in New York City “ Monsters of Grace” at the Rubin Museum of Art , through the concept of her own dance diagrams from a view of the sky.

Carolina Morais Fonseca teaches the philosophies of Dance since 1999,  from Gypsy Duende, Oriental Duende and  Whirlling, besides creative dance for children, Duende expression classes in cities like Milan, Bologna, France, Brussels, Forli, London, Ireland, New York, Chicago,Barcelona, Madrid, Tokio, Kyoto, Ljubljana and  Portugal . In 2013 she taught in Bali, Indonesia, and also in India, having worked in the latter country especially with Gypsy communities in underdeveloped neighborhoods within the Gypsy Dance rehabilitation and lost traditions. In Portugal she developed artistic projects with schizophrenics in Júlio de Matos Hospital in Lisbon, coproducing by Liliane Viegas from the concept of dance and therapy (2013-2014). Also as a dance teacher and as a dancer and choreographer she was two times on tour in Mexico, including cities as the Federal District, Oaxaca, Morelia, Xalapas, Puebla, Guadalajara, Leon, Morelia and Veracruz (2012 and 2014). In USA, New York city as a Sufi dance teacher in Rubin Museum of Art (2015/2016/2017).

In 2017, Carolina led three Touneys (Brazil, Mexico Country and Chile), teaching and performing Danza Duende. Still in 2017 she was invited to perform the Dancer rôle of Vajrayogini filmed in Kashmir and Central Tibet, in the Film  » Thongdrol » Liberation thought seeing, The red Daikini Dance.

Carolina is one of the Directors of the Gypsy Duende (intraprojects) holding the vision and the practice of Danza Duende Network.

2017/2018, teaching in Regular and Specific levels of Danza Duende, Gypsy Duende for Children, Warrior Duende, Zingaro Oriental and pure technique of dance and movment In Belgium.

Parallel, Studing and Teaching trainings in the (Cycle of the Dragon) , Maitre Level 2 (the 5 wisdoms ) and Daikini training. Carolina compteted the 3 years University of Choreosophy with Yumma Mudra Chorésophe, Michel Raji Chorésophe and Luc Bigé.